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Travels Marjoram provides B2C and B2B travel services on planes, trains and cruises. We provide Travel services through a network of partners and an online platform that serves consumers via the business-to-consumer channel. The services we provide are customized for every customer and also include things like hotel bookings and transfers. We provide competitive prices on par with other service providers.

E-Commerce Marjoram also provides Ecommerce services for its customers across india. We source our products from the best stores and make sure that the products pass our quality assurance before they make it to our sales dashboard. We network with several partners for delivery services and make sure that the delivery is done as fast as possible.

Realestate We have experience in the real estate business throughout India, and provide both buyers and sellers an excellent platform to buy and sell their property. We provide real estate services for both independent housing and apartments, and have real estate agents that provide consulting services to our customers. We operate in all seasons and do business with a variety of customers

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